Imperium Damnatum - CD
Imperium Damnatum – CD

ASMODEUS – Haze rises up and hellish malodorous pervades the scenery. A gloomy atmosphere and firce leadguitars lure the hordes of darkness. Spiteful, cold and bestial IMPERIUM DAMNATUM scourges the Christians without mercy and won’t keep them alive.
With 250 lunatic and 80 agonizing strokes per minute, the weak ones are being lashed for more than 41 minutes until the stench disappears and fallacious acoustic guitars end all torture… not yet awhile!! Follow and always stay updated for the news about metal music.

  1.  Enthronement of the sovereign
  2.  Decretum executionis
  3. Servitus in aeternitatem
  4. Inciting the rebellion
  5. On the inflammatory march
  6. Thorns
  7. Sator discordiae
  8. Withering vengeance
  9. A blaze at dawn

running time: 41:10 min

release date: March, 31st