Submission Guidelines

It is the intent of the IRS to provide a review site free of the censorship, normally inherent in most magazines, related to advertising issues, money in general or distribution restraints. If you have a book, cd or film that is for sale to the public that you think might interest us, feel free to send it in. We do not guarantee that a review of your material will make it onto the site, so please include a SASE for us to return any un-reviewed material to you if you want it back. We also review live shows in the Los Angeles area. We review popular and independent material based on what we like and consider to be good. Our tastes run to the cult, alternative, underground, and kitschy. In other words, you may never know what we decide to like. We also enjoy trashing really bad items, so use caution when submitting material. Remember, when you send stuff in, you are asking us to give it a review, not a good review or a bad review, just a review. All this also means that you will never be passed over because you aren’t on a big label or have a publishing contract. All you have to be is interesting. Please take a look at the site before submitting anything to us. Please include the following information with your submission: -the material to be reviewed & any related pr material -the date the material will be released for sale -the price of the material -information on how the material can be purchased (ie: web site, store, po box) Send all materials for review to: The Independent Reviews Site PO Box 34684 Los Angeles, CA 90034-0684

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