EVERTON BLENDER At the White River Reggae Bash Rounder

 It’s reggae mon. When one of my friends asked me if I liked reggae, I said, “yeah, I like that song.” This is a good version of the song, made ever livelier because of the live venue. he is a particularly beautiful a capella version of the Cat Stevens song “Where do the Children Play” that is especially tasty.

Carlye Archibeque

Have Landed
Round Records

   Pop rockabilly? Power punkabilly? Who knows? The Gazillions are quirky and interesting musically with nice clear vocals and melodies and lyrics that will have you rolling on the floor. The best was “Hobbit Love,” “we are lovers, but our love is not attractive // we love like mushrooms, we are stout and round.” One can only hope to see this used in the upcoming Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Carlye Archibeque

One Horse Power


   I can’t decide whether these guys are Omish or just hostile. With song titles like “Piss Off” and “One Big Knob” and lyrics that deliver the messages the titles allude to, they could only be punk. However, I like my punk political not misogynistic or just plain crude. The “Vegetarian” song is a perfect example. Subtitled “Lesbian Love Song” the singer laments that a lesbian won’t put out for him and asks, “is she afraid of my weenie.” More likely she is put off because he is a weenie. With nothing new to offer musically and a singer that sounds like every other punk boy band, I would save my money for the Catholics.

Carlye Archibeque

Growing Up Clean in America (EP)
Ultimatum Music


   Pop mixer the Incredible Moses Leroy has a good ear for what sounds are pleasing when mixed together, and what sounds are interesting because they do not go together. There is some typical self-aware mix stuff here (“Zap”), but also lovely ballads with a hint of mix like “The 4a” about a bus he used to take in San Francisco. Overall the EP was interesting and enjoyable fun for you ears.