Fairly standard tale of a couple traveling cross country and stumbles upon a seemingly deserted small farm town only to discover that evil lives there. A very young Linda Hamilton and Peter Horton play the couple and the evil they stumble upon is a bunch of corn god worshiping children who have killed every adult in town. Nicely paced and beautifully shot for a low budget creep show. Through the majority of the film you think the children are just evil, but then comes Òhe who walks behind the rows.Ó It also breaks the convention of making characters so dumb they wait around to be killed. As the survivors run away from the carnage at the end, one says, ÒIs it dead?Ó, the other replies, ÒI think so.Ó ÒThen why are we running?Ó the other comes back. ÒJust keep going.Ó comes the logical reply. The disc has good color and sound, slightly about VHS quality. The main extra is the theatrical trailer.