This Month’s Beef

Remember me? I used to deliver the Independent Reviews Site to your digital door on a semi-regular basis. At least more regular than once a year. My sincere apologies for my extreme tardiness. I have a good excuse, well two actually. I was on a little 18 month project called Spiderman 2, which took up an incredible amount of time. And personally I had some health issues that are now all cleared up.

Sure I could have strung together an issue of the IRS with wire and string, but I wanted to give you something a little stronger. So here it is the first issue in over a year. We have an amazing cover story on a new movie titled The Final Cut, which I think will become a classic, and not to pat myself on the back, the last time I said that was with Donnie Darko and the time before that with Pitch Black and I hope my lucky streak continues with The Final Cut, because it is a worthy film.

This month is all about catching up. A lot of the stuff reviewed this month is old, but as busy as most people are and as strange as our tastes are, chances are it’s new to you. Also, if an artist sends us something for review, it may take a while, but we will review it. Most of the items submitted to us are from indy artist and distributors and they deserve to be seen.

Missing this month are DVD reviews. I ususally do them and to keep this from being a December issue, they are waiting to be finished. I promise that the next issue will be a full fledged issue and before the clock strikes midnight on the current year.

Feel free to drop me a line at if you have any comments.